Congratulations to the Top Solvers!

  1. Tardy Boys:
    Dave T.
    Marcus S.
    Tanis O.
    Michael C.
    Todd M.

  2. Phlogizote:

  3. Jeffrey Harris

  4. Michael Sylvia

  5. 🐘を🚀:
    Charles 🍺 ❤
    Dan ☎∈∈
    Shrenik Ш
    Tom ▲
    Zack 🌈 👨

  6. ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈
    Brian C.
    Kevin L.
    Max M.
    Nick P.
    Jon S.
    Josh S.
    Charles T.
    Anderson W.
    Victoria X.
    Ben Y.
    Kevin Y.
    Patrick Y.

  7. Thomas Snyder

  8. Just-Us League:
    Mark Navarrete
    Jimmy Williams
    Jim Sempsrott
    Zack Pierpoint
    Warren Brown
    Randy Rogers
    Wil Zambole
    Ann Kok

  9. Laura Klein and Eric Prestemon

  10. Nathan Curtis

Other solvers who submitted correct answers by September 21st include:

Nathan Fung; Cenarius and jeremiahsjohnson; Brent Holman; For Science! (Charles Wang, Eshan Mitra, Lucy Brennan and Weston Tate); Francis Heaney; Jonathan McCue; Dan Katz and Jackie Anderson; Robert Bosch; Team Ecru (Chase Stephens, Jay Lorch, Josh Benaloh and Michelle Teague); Fez Burner; Hexin' Eds (Joe F., Wendy C., Rachel F., Dwight F. (capt), Fez J., Vanessa W., Sam F., Megan F. and Chris C.); (some of) Test Solution (Noah Popham, Alex Miller and Nick Brady); Seth Kleinerman; Aaron Bader; Kenny Young; Twelevepack (Molnar, Pianoman, Stvwz, Fuzzy and Ssluggy); Andy B.; Jigsaw; Team Om Nom Nom Nom (Andrew Cohen, Kate Leiserson, Simon McAndrews, Chris Michaud, Stan Park and Andrew Rosenberg); WIT House (Wei-Hwa and Trisha Huang with Dale and Linnsey Nil); David Shukan, Rachael Groynom, Alison Howard and eric Maddy; Peter Fedak; Jack da Bomb; Henry Wong; Andrew Esten; Andrew Rosenberg; Justin Weinbaum; Jason Juang; Rajeev Nayak and Curtis Liu; Maximum Salary (Charles Graves, Alex Hannon and Daniel Rundle); Scott Weiss; Suzanne Britton; Puzzletome (Jay Winder and Harry Maton); Knights of the Hexagonal Table (Richard Chiburis and Debbie Goldstein); Vulgar Boatmen (Greg Pliska, Jeff Bolas, Andrew Fechner and Guy Jacobson); Josh Lay and Scott Abbey;Kevin Carde and Yuval Widgerson; Yi-Hsin Lin and Reid Barton

The solo solver receiving the randomly drawn second prize is: Andy Boroson!
Congratulations to Jeffrey and Andy, and thank you to everyone who played.