1. Team Phlogiremote (Katherine Bryant, Aaron Fuegi, Susan Glass, Katie Hamill, Daniel LePage and Kevin Wald)

  2. Mystik Spiral (Dan Katz and Jackie Anderson)

  3. Deusovi and Many Pink Hats

  4. Andy Heald, Jake Levinson, Ricky Liu and Jonah Ostroff

  5. Jeffrey Harris

  6. Andrew Lin and Kevin Carde

  7. [citation needed] (Dima Kamalov, Andrew Esten, Kiri Peirce, Ange Strom-Weber and Jen McTeague)

  8. Dammit, Ammit! (brandon cunningham, jeff frank, andy kravis, joon pahk and diana tenery)

  9. Nerds of a Feather (Benji Nguyen and Anderson Wang)

  10. Herring Bones (Eshan Mitra, Alex Walker, Sara Walker, Zach Barnett and Zach Zagorski)

Solvers who submitted correct answers by September 21st are:

Erin Rhode, Ankur Mehta, Pranjal Vachaspati, Julia Wagner, Allan Sadun and David Wilson; Just-Us League (Jimmy Williams, Zack Pierpoint, Randy Rogers, Mark Navarrete, Ashutosh Sodhani, Wil Zambole, Todd Dashoff, Jared Dashoff and Nathan Schwalm); Andrew Foerster and Max Woghiren; Mike Sylvia; Lee-Kai, Rajeev, Harley and Joshua; Team "I MET Anubis" (andrew, brian, dom, herman, joanna, katie, margaret, rachel and tom); Team Pluru (Charles Steinhart, ChrisWeedPiano, Flatluigi, Frictionlessemu, ky, nic, NrgSpoon, Teddybear, Tinaun and Tomino); planeplaneplane Some Unnamed Subset of Galactic Trendsetters planeplaneplane (Alan, Ben, Brian, Charles and Jakob); Duck Gizzards (Dawson Do, Josh Fernandes, Sam Lam, Ryan Thomas and Grant Yang); THE TWO BEST FRIENDS (David Kwong and Craig Mazin); Summer Herrick and Jonathan McCue; Lance Nathan; Frumious Bandersnatch (James Yeung, Ben Horkley, Tim Reynolds, Daniel Ron, Amy Leblang, Annie Martin and Jacob Kingery); Eggy C, Bryan L, Chris R, Catherine W and Patrick X; The Blob Wizards (penzo, Rusty, Autumn Leaves, summitwei, ffao and Sally); Duck Soup; Lucario Squad (Alex, Robin, Nishant, Josh and Lewin); Eric and Laura Prestemon; Nathan Fung; Brent Holman, Linda Holman, Ann Etter, Todd Etter and Rich Bragg; fizzymagic, NYWanderer, teamajk, thanman2, jimbexleyspeed and jijikat; Francis Heaney; Team "One of the Letters is a T" (Robin Deits, Henry Wong, James Douberley and Emilie Josephs); Needlessly Eating Scarabs; Jason Juang; Kagami and Timja; Corey Plover, JJ and Audrey; Jay Lorch, Josie Effinger, Michelle Teague and Robb Effinger; Teddy Set Go (Akira Baruah, Alison Chang, Josh Chan, Marisa Chang, Michael Chen, Peter Vera, Richard Wu and Yoojin Kim); five members short of a potluck (Bradley Wu and Lindsey Shi; Maximum Salary (Feythe, Anahlia, BlueFrogJam, CoyoteCreed, Ktang, lordoftheabeliangroups. nymvaline and Xylenol);team paJaMas (Michael and Jenna); TruFactâ„¢ (Chad B, Chris C, Jesse G, (Australian) John M, Julia U, Tanis O and TK); Ben Kass, Seth Kleinerman, Vivian Lien and Arthur Rudolph; Thomas Snyder; Twelevepack (Molnar, Rainman, Pianoman, Fuzzy, Sslug and Stvwx); Bryce Herdt and Joman; HJ Sim, Joseph Pang and Clarence Tew; Eggplant Parms (Level 51, lovemathboy, moo, rf215, Trade and DF44);Moose Capers* (Alastair Aitchison, David Lewis, Sean McBride, Joel Phillip and +1); Team Pazuru Maru (Jon Olsen, David Harris, Lily Geller , Viktor Geller, Rob Becker, Monica Iyer); Yossi Fendel;Todd McClary; Scott Handelman; Talkin' Eds; Andrew Cohen and Chris Michaud; Pazuru Maru (Rob Becker, Lily Geller, Viktor Geller, David Harris, Monica Iyer and Jon Olsen); Craig Kasper and Paul Melamud; Jenna LaFleur and Ben Zimmer; Welcome! This is fine. (Alan Lin, Clifford Galiher, Jessica Wang, Matt Jackson and Patrick Friel); Conduction Band (Chris Olund, Ning Bao, Will Livingston, Aaron Smull, Michael Fang, Eleanor Lin, Andrew Spann and Sarah Harrison); (JLow, BHox, Slow, JR, Phil and Friets); Carl Worth, Justin Melvin and Elizabeth French; The Vulgar Boatmen (GNatural, Xemu amnd Laura); Sandor Weisz; Peter Gwinn; Kah Kien; Craig Harman and John Reid; Belmonsters (Lara, Dan and David); Roger, Sunshine and Audrey; Jack Tagye; Vanish the Escape Goat (Wei-Hwa Huang, Trisha Huang, Jennifer Geske. Rachael Groynom and Lee Ballan); Andrew, Jim and Kirito; oztuzzlers (BT, Conquerorand TangentOfA); Potato (Robert and Ming); Max Chang, Melissa Yuan and Shuxin Zhan; Andy Boroson; Sam Fusco Malbeuf and John Schell; P Squad (P Squared, Cryo Gyro, brightobject and kt3); Patrick Lin; Ali Lloyd; Patrick Lin; Hee-ho (Mysti, limjz, Ets and Akoris); Team Don't Care (Cameron Montag, navi, Chris Jones, Taichi and Pei); Nathan Curtis, Julie Levy, Dan Thurston, Brian Postow and Ken Levin; Team Geothought; Yao Yu; Team We're Doomed (Dan Rosart, Jon Perkins and Solver X); Kevin Sun; Justin Graham; James Taverner and Tom Griffin; Viktor Samu; InvalidD and Ellibereth; Alex, CJ, Heidi, Ixa, Julian, Mark, Nelson, Sammy, Wayne, Yannick and Yuru; Nick Brady; Enigma (Algebraic, Fri_eD, johno, mcg, nemamiah and tolaasin); John Lim; Jay Winter and Emma Astroth; Nick Poulos (mapmaker)

The solver receiving the randomly drawn second prize is: John Lim!

Congratulations to Dan, Jackie and John, and thank you to everyone who played.