1. ⪅ CROCODILE ON WATER (Jonah, Kevin, Ricky)

  2. The Three Mouse-ke-deers (Benji Nguyen, Anderson Wang and Leon Zhou)

  3. Deusovi & ManyPinkHats

  4. Mystik Spiral (Dan Katz, Jackie Anderson)

  5. Sin Entirely Too Far From The Desert (Barbara, Dave, Tanis, Todd and Trip)

  6. Left Couch (Alex, Bryan, Cameron, Cat, Joanna, Margaret(ipad), Margaret(human), Patrick)

  7. Croc-inality (Ali, Bryce, Marisa, Max, Sushi)

  8. Andrew Lin and Kevin Carde

  9. Floor (Alex, Andrew, Eggy, Evan, Jenna, Katie, Ivan, Tracey)

  10. Duck Gizzards (Dawson, Philip, Grant, Ryan, Matt, Sam, Drew)

Solvers who submitted correct answers by September 19th are:

The Google Reptile Emojis 🦎 (penzo, Roger Wrightshoe, Autumn Leaves, Pivotal, DireKrow, Icecube, ffao); Nathan Fung; Team Arithmancy (Gone, Hwaryu, Neeeeeeeeerd, noneuclidean, Rainy, trevor overt); Thomas Snyder; Frumious Bandersnatch (Adam, Amy, Annie, Ben, Jacob, James, Matt, Rui and Tim); Phlogizote (Ben Smith, Jenny Gutbezahl, Joe Cabrera, Phil Steindel, Kevin Wald, Katie Hamill, Dan Lepage, Katherine Bryant, Susan Glass and Aaron Fuegi); The Two Best Friends (Craig Mazin and David Kwong); Sean Lip; Lance Nathan; Jeremiah Johnson; malaysians[pi]rits (Wayne Zhao et al.); Duck Soup (Matthew Ng et al.); Kenny Young; Pluru (Cenarius, ChrisWeedPiano, flatluigi, frictionlessemu, NrgSpoon and Tomino); The C@r@line Syzygy; Roger Wolff, Andrew Esten and Ange Strom-Weber; Projectyl; The Other Lexingtons (Jack & Alan); Kevin Sun; Francis Heaney; Eggplant Parm (Level 51, lovemathboy, ALT, Mistrals, rf215 and moo); Michael Tang; Team Blutarsky (Justin Graham, Jennifer Kidder, David Latham and JJ); Team [URGENT] ( kri,'^', alex9801, jh05013, Lomo and Namseo); Sim Hong Jhun, Zach Barnett and Joseph Pang; Jason Juang; All Grid Logic, Please (TJM and Violet); Michael Leen and team; Craig Kasper and Paul Melamud; Laura Klein and Eric Prestemon; Seth Rotkin; Yao Yu; Tom Coleman; Louis Lana; Jonathan Low; David Jackson; Twelve Pack (molnar, f14rainman, sluggy and pianoman); Potato (Robert & Ming); Justin Weinbaum; Steve Williams; Stream Fording Crew (David Gold and Paolo Pasco); Harley and Rajeev (Team Derick); Adam Busis; Andy Arizpe; Delicious Bradley (Brad, Curtis, Darren and Lindsey); Team Untitled-1.gfrm; Les Gaulois (Enigmatix, et al.); Nick Poulos; Just-Us League (Mark Navarette, James Williams, Steven Williams and Ashutosh Sodhani); Eann Lawing; Josh Lay and Scott Abbey; Seth Kleinerman, Ben Kass and Vivian Lien; Richard Chiburis; Derek and Jennifer Allen; Fraz, Thingummy, Rasa and Rob; Kirito and partner; Andy Boroson; Neville Fogarty; Jonathan and Summer McCue; Tom Griffin and James Taverner; Ali Lloyd

The solver receiving the randomly drawn second prize is: David Jackson!

Congratulations to David, Deusovi and ManyPinkHats, and thank you to everyone who played.