Most grateful thanks, as always, to test-solvers Eric Berlin, Dave Shukan and Scott Weiss for proofing, testing, and making countless perceptive and useful comments on this extravaganza. These puzzles were much improved because of each of them. Thanks also to Foggy Brume and joon pahk for their generosity in providing prizes.

In all of these puzzle sets, I enjoy exploring puzzle types invented by other creators; for this set I would like to acknowledge my indebtedness to Eric Berlin, Mike Shenk, Carl Worth and, as always, Patrick Berry.

When you have the overall solution, for a slot on the Leaderboard. If a team, please include everyone's name and/or nom as desired.

Any FAQs or errata will appear here, so check back if something seems to be amiss. I will post any issues affecting solving as soon as possible, with credit to whoever brings them to my attention, updating puzzle pdfs as needed. Typos and minor issues not affecting solving will be corrected at my discretion without notice.



In Pak Pandir, clue 32 Down should read "How offal, scent-wise, 40% masks cousin to a jaguarundi." (Thank you, Thomas Baxter!)

In The Orang Bunian, "Page 1 of 2" text on the first page was missing; this has been fixed. One image in this puzzle has been replaced.

It has been brought to my attention that copy-and-pasting clues from the Brilliant Blooms pdf results in the two clues from Row 2 being reordered. Pdfs, why you gotta??? "Omens...etc." should come first. (Thank you, Enigmatix!)

In Badang, clue 11 should read "Best Supporting Actress". (Thank you, Barbara Bailey and R. Craig Harman!)